The Best Orthodontic Patient Experience

Ensure that your experience in orthodontic treatment is not only quick, comfortable, and effective, but fun!

Your First Visit / Complimentary Consultation

Your first visit to our Cary, NC office is 100% free and is one hour long! Once you schedule your first appointment, you will receive an email with new patient forms. We request that you fill these out before you come into the office so that we can have the necessary information ready upon your arrival of your first appointment.

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Your First Orthodontic Visit Will Include...

  • An oral exam by Dr. Bovenizer, Dr. Baker or Dr. Keri
  • Complimentary digital x-rays
  • Photos to document your current bite and profile
  • Discussion about potential treatment options and whether or not this is the proper time to begin treatment
  • A detailed plan that outlines your treatment goals
  • Estimate of orthodontic treatment cost
  • Swag bag to take home

Your Office Experience


Our atmosphere is refreshing, fun, and relaxing with a positive energy. Our warm and inviting waiting area features hot coffee, tea, chai latte, Bevi sparkling water, big screen TV’s, and comfortable seating. We bake cookies fresh in house twice a day, so grab one in the lobby!


You will get a t-shirt at your first appointment. If you outgrow your t-shirt let us know and we will get you a new one!


Forget your umbrella? No prob…we got you covered…literally. We will always have a basket of umbrellas out when it is raining for you to take home and use!

Unlimited Sunglasses + Chapstick

With lights at the chair and retractors that stretch your lips, we never want you to feel uncomfortable. Just ask for sunglasses and chapstick!

Brushing Station

Our toothbrush station is always available so you can brush your teeth when you arrive before each appointment.


If you are ever cold in the office, let a staff member know and we will get you a blanket.

Wait Times + Availability

We always try to be accommodating to your schedule and ensure short wait times for your appointments. You will be in and out for every visit without feeling rushed.

Contests + Events

Be on the lookout for contests, giveaways, and patient appreciation events throughout the year!


We offer the Patient Rewards Hub program where you can earn prizes and gift cards for participating.


You can text our office at 919.303.4557 if you don’t feel like calling!

Our Staff

Our staff addresses you by name, gets to know you on a personal level, greets you with a warm reception, makes sure you are always comfortable, readily answers questions with a smile, treats you like family, and makes you feel at home.

Our Doctors

We strive to be fun, laid back, approachable and easy to talk to and you can expect high fives, fist bumps, bitmoji texts and care calls directly from our docs.

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Your Treatment Overview

  • Complete your New Patient Consultation: Receive a swag bag, x-rays, photos, exam by one of our docs, office tour and a financial quote.
  • Records Appointment: A 3D digital scan is taken of your teeth to help the doctors with your treatment plan and so we have a very accurate digital model of your teeth. This may be completed the same day as your new patient exam. If not, we will schedule another appointment closer to getting your braces on.
  • Dental Cleaning: You must have received a dental cleaning within 6 months of getting your braces on and should continue with cleanings throughout treatment to ensure good hygiene.
  • Getting Braces On: Appointment is about one hour long. Patient or parent will meet with Melissa Y. to go over the contract where insurance is discussed. We love for parents to sit in the clinic with child while getting braces. You will get Dippin Dots, a bag with dental and orthodontic supplies and an orthodontic survival guide.
  • Scheduled Appointments: Appointments will be scheduled usually 6-10 weeks apart, dependent on what you are getting done. If you need to schedule or change your appointment, call or text us at 919.303.4557. We love texting!
  • Mid- Treatment Evaluation: We will evaluate your teeth about halfway through treatment. If adjustments are needed, we will reposition brackets and X-rays and photos will be taken.
  • Last Appointment Before Getting Braces Off: You will be given a retainer option sheet so you can select what kind of retainer you want. You will be able to discuss your results with Dr. Bo and Dr. Baker to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome of treatment.
  • Getting Braces Off: After braces are removed, we will take a 3D scan of your teeth so we can make your retainers, as well as final x-rays and photos. At this appt, tell your clinician which retainer option you decided on. We are known for our finishes of teeth so if needed we will shape your teeth and complete gum contouring to give you the best smile possible.
  • Retainer Pick Up: You will pick up your retainer and molds approximately two weeks later.
  • Retainer Check Appointment: You will come to the office a few more times to make sure your retainer fits properly and teeth have not shifted. Wear your retainers for life to keep that awesome smile!
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